Russian new version of Guoan strategy

Russian new version of Guoan strategy

The Russian army held a military exercise Russian President Putin signed the presidential order on July 3, approve the new version of the National Security Strategy of Russia (hereinafter referred to as "strategy").

The "Strategy" evaluates the main security threats faced by Russia and the future period, planning new security strategies and priorities.

This is the first time Russian national security strategy since 2015.

Analysis points to point out that in Russia and Western relationships continue to be tight, Russia is difficult to break the "normal confrontation", the new version of "Strategy" reflects new ideas of Russia’s response to threat challenges.

Expanding Safety Channel Russian New Edition "Strategy" lists 9 national security strategies, is to protect people, national defense, national and public safety, information security, economic security, technology development, environmental safety, protect traditional values, strategic stability.

Compared with the 2015 version, the new version of "Strategy" emphasizes the protection of information security, public safety and traditional values, and further expands the safety category.

Unlike previous, the new "Strategy" highlights the internal life elements of national security, not only expands national interests, but also "protects the Russian people, discover talent potential, improve the quality of life and citizens", as the first .

In this regard, Russian media said that in recent years, the West has continuously increased penetration of Russia’s national fields, and has repeatedly inciting the people to hold a large-scale demonstration for Russia’s highest leaders.

The Russian government believes that public support is the basic force against foreign enemies.

Putin also said that the patriotism of the people is the most effective weapon against the Western anti-Russian Trend.

In recent years, Russian culture and traditional values ??have been attacked by Western attacks, and the cyberspace has become a new battlefield for both parties.

To this end, the "Strategy" will take information on information security, highlight network attacks, spy activities, false information, multinational corporal monopoly, online crime, etc., emphasize the ability to maintain Russia national sovereignty and security in virtual space.

"Strategy" is also clear that the national sovereignty is reflected in various fields such as geopolitics, economy, diplomacy, and Russia will further expand the sovereign category, solve the problem-related sensitivity of geopolitical politics. Russian media said that since the Ukrainian crisis broke out, Western countries such as the United States have shown a full-direction full-time situation in the Russian strategy.

In the future, Russia will continue to maintain strong attitude and respond to Western provocations and threats. Face-facing security threats have analyzed that the current political, safety and development environment in Russia has undergone significant changes: the NATO headed by the United States continues to strategically squeezed with Russia, and the eastern region of Ukraine is directly conflict. Sanctions plus … Wahrukov, deputy secretary general, deputy secretary-general of the Russian Federal Security Committee, said the new version of the "strategy" clarifies the main security threats facing Russia, that is, the military provocation from NATO, the political security risks represented by the "Color Revolution" and Other non-traditional security threats.

Russian media analysis said that NATO Eastward has approached Russia "Home", the anti-missile system, and the network information warfare center deployed in the Russian region and established.

Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and Baltic States have become a new base of Western Russia.

In the face of the above pressure, Russian officials emphasized that Russia will comprehensively use national resources to ensure border, sovereignty and political security. Among them, Russia will accelerate the modernization process of armed forces and continue to carry out warfare assaults and high level training. On the one hand, Russia will continue to update nuclearwood, realize the modernization of strategic nuclear blow weapons to more than 90% of the goals, and develop high supersonic weapons, new concept intelligent weapons, etc. Asymmetric force; on the other hand, through conventional troops Shows and use, shocking to Russia with hostile countries, and holding a large-scale sea and empty training in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Pacific and other places. "Strategy" is clear, Russia needs to consolidate ideological domain rights. Russian experts have analyzed that "going to Westernization" has become a consensus in the field of internal government diplomacy.

Russia also expands the defense circle to the CIS countries such as Belarus, and believes that the Western value penetration and incitement of the "color revolution" in Russia. In this regard, Russia will have a determination to maintain political security through legislation to severely punish the act of subversion of national regimes and use diplomatic and military means to protect political security. It is reported that the "strategy" also focuses on the direction of public health and safety and establishment mechanisms. Send a clear signal based on the Russian law, Russian national security strategy is revised every 6 years and released in December 200th.

The new version of the "Strategy" in the year, reflecting Russia will make a series of adjustments to national security policies, and also make a clear signal to the West, that is, Russia has been doing a good job in diplomatic and military fields and Western "掰 wrist" Prepare.

Muxin, director of the Russian Political Information Center, said the "strategy" fully reflects the current geopolitical situation and makes a clear signal to the West, ie, will continue to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity, and protect national interests in various fields. Russian New Agency quoted Russian political scholar as Paliko said that the "strategy" shows that Russia has prepared it for possible conflict.

This is also an external warning. "We don’t allow hostilities to assemble in Russia, which is critical to Russia."

"Strategy" deletes the establishment of cooperative relations with the United States and the EU mutually beneficial cooperation, emphasizing the role of nuclear weapons and high precision weapons in maintaining national sovereignty.

According to the report, shortly after the Summit of Russia, Russia publicly "strategy" content, and further clarifies the safety bottom line, showing that it does not expect Russian relations.

There is an analysis, and the "cat rat game" that is currently expanding in the world’s major waters around the world is currently the development of the relationship between the two parties in the future. With the "strategy" continues to implement, the integrity between the two will be more intense.

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