Special items such as blood samples are followed, and Beijing Customs fully supports the test of Winter Olympics.

Special items such as blood samples are followed, and Beijing Customs fully supports the test of Winter Olympics.

On December 8, Beijing Customs released the news, recently the acceleration of the acceleration of the Beijing Diping Testing Laboratory. It is understood that this is the first time the test sample taken before the Winter Olympics in the laboratory.

The imported test urine sample is the first interview sample before the Beijing Diping Test Laboratory Winter Olympics. The sample test results will directly affect whether our laboratory Winter Olympics stimulant can be carried out smoothly. Mr. Sun, Beijing Diping Detection Laboratory, said.

As the only laboratories approved by the World Anti-Dresser Agency (WADA), Beijing Diping was undertaken by the world’s anti-doping institution (WADA), while shouldering the heavy responsibility of the Beijing Winter Olympics. In addition, the laboratory also accepted the test sample from the World Anti-Doping Institution (WADA) to assess its detection capabilities, testing levels, and related services involved the import and export of samples such as athletes, urine samples.

Photography: Beijing News Group Reporter Liu Pingduo is understood that the Customs of Beijing Customs is also a special item in accordance with special items, and has developed a number of measures such as special items and integration, and the eligible goods will be taken. With the check, it is accompanied that the entry and exit green channels of special items are settled, and the customs clearance efficiency is improved while making supervision.

Since the first half of the year, Yizhuang Customs took the initiative to visit the Beijing Diping Testing Laboratory, quickly formulate inspection programs and emergency plans according to the specific circumstances of the laboratory to ensure that the sample samples came to seek. Beijing Customs Health and Quarantine Department Rui said that Beijing Customs has always supported national anti-doping work, ensuring electition of winter, to help pure sports. On the basis of risk analysis and evaluation of the stimulant test sample, we have developed a management approach to develop blood samples related to stimulant testing, and the urine entry and exit is developing strict and efficient approval. In addition to opening up an approval of the green channel, Beijing Customs also optimizes special item inspection processes while also supporting international anti-eager institutions to sampling at any time to my country athletes. The inspection of the international anti-residence mechanism has a temporary, uncertainty, and the high-efficiency requirements of customs clearance requirements are high. In order to maintain our reputation, we give this kind of test sample with the approved service to ensure the smoothness of the test.

Tian Rui said.

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