The silence of North Island finally faces the lens: The motherland is a kind of hometown spring poem 3

The silence of North Island finally faces the lens: The motherland is a kind of hometown spring poem 3

I do not believe! In 1976, with this throwing verse, a name called North Island broke into the catalog of Chinese poetry history. On December 23, 1978, a handmade oil printing literary magazine named "Today" is published in Beijing. In February 1979, No. 76, 14th, Dongcheng District, Beijing, "Today" Editorial Department officially established, leader is 29-year-old North Island and 28-year-old Mark.

Since then, the most famous genres of Chinese contemporary poetry is born from here. North Island, Mumk, Yang Fin, Gu Cheng, Shu Ting, etc., became the most brilliant star in the golden age.

In them, the age of North Island is the longest, and everyone often treats him as old brother.

In 1980, "Today" is banned. In 1987, the North Island Dedication was wandering from this nostalgia. In 1990, "Today" published overseas version, North Island continued to serve as the editor, until today. In 2016, the spiritual idol of the past generation has been young.

In the distance, North Island gradually became a vicissitudes of back. He rarely faces the lens, occasionally a photo is always silent. Only he knows the incomparably missed inner heart, perhaps deep fear.

This time, in the face of "spring poem", North Island is finally opened. Standing at the highest at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the feet are the sea, and they have been returning to mainland China.

The positive graduation season, a student dialing, a student wearing a bachelor’s clothing in the campus, behind the laughter, the northern island held his own "guard night" alone, the book pages in the hands Gently roll. He quietly looked at this group of young people who fell away from history, perhaps at this moment, his heart is complicated. He saw yourself who can’t reconcile, and saw the future of his expectations, and also saw Munz. China that cannot be cut off. The motherland is a kind of hometown, he lighters a verse.

Two nine years of departure, the North Island despite the change of the hometown, but can only speak Chinese in the mirror, can only put music in the park in the park, soaked in a leisurely coffee.

In a long time, the connection of his and the motherland can only be a telephone line, and he can hear his fear on the other end of the telephone line. Whether I don’t know if North Island also saw your shadow on this Arab boy? Introduction to "Spring Poems · Third Season": Phoenix Culture Continuies the Beautiful and Romance of "Spring Reading Poetry · Season" in 2014, 2015 "Spring Poems · The Second Season" is sincere and moving, re-departing, In 2016, the spring is interested in building "the third season of spring poems".

This time we walked out of the mainland, came to the island, tried to explore the relationship between islands and the world. For the first time, there were four international poets to join the recording, and we also pursued the footsteps of Chinese poets to the world, footprints all over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada. While maintaining poets, beauty, masterpieces, this season "Spring Poetry" is more pursuing profound and shocking spiritual experience.

Since the third quarter of "Spring Wide", insist on the way of poetry, read their poetry, we firmly believe this is the most close to poetry.

The unique accent, taste, different life experience, experience, constitute an inner secret island.