Strengthening the construction of the style, taking advantage of "Jinbang Story"

Strengthening the construction of the style, taking advantage of "Jinbang Story"

At 9:30 on November 4th, a meeting room of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the Ministry of Commerce was held in the 4th China International Import Expo, and the expansion of the temporary party committee will be in progress. The theme of the meeting was very clear, and General Secretary Xi Xi Ping was the main point of speaking on the opening ceremony of the Expo and Hongqiao International Economic Forum. In the case of General Secretary Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, personally proposed, personally deployed and personally promoted new era, an open major decision-making, which promoted the construction of new development patterns.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, as the opening ceremony was held in Shanghai, the annual "Jinboy Time" was once again opened. The reporter learned that the Department of Commerce will send staff to Shanghai, participate in major event site coordination, foreign guests, trading group organizations, exhibition business, etc., service guarantees, "getting better and better". "During the period of the Expo, the vast majority of the staff sent by the Ministry of Commerce is the party members and cadres." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce told reporters that where the business work is launched, the management of the party organization is to follow, the Ministry of Commerce The Temporary Party Committee of the Fourth Session of the Expo will come to life.

In response to the characteristics of the party members, the positions of the party members, the position of the job, the task of work tasks, the Ministry of Commerce sends the party members who are stationed in the Expo to enter the temporary party organization, and set 30 Temporary Party Team in the Unit of the Secretary, and will import the Expo Administration The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Party Member Cadre is incorporated into the scope of management services, ensuring that all party members who have covered the Participation in the Participation in the Commercial Department. The establishment of the Provisional Party Committee of the staff member is only a sound organization, and the party construction service guarantees one of the rings of the Expo, and the party members are full of highlights, the hard work style is more critical. In order to play the party’s pioneering model, according to the party committee of the Ministry of Commerce, the main person in charge of the party organizations of the Ministry of Commerce also conducted the pre-traveling conversation to the staff stationed, reminding staff to increase the political station and consciously participated in the organization life. Strictly abide by the discipline rules, showing a first-class style. On the 4th, the opening ceremony has entered a 24-hour countdown, and the Ministry of Commerce is stationed in their respective positions "full sprint".

Li Yiping, a foreign trade company, who is in the examination of the Merchant Department of the Merchant Forum.

As a participant in the Expo, the responsibility is very responsible, the mission is glorious, and it is necessary to go to the implementation of various work. "The European Division of the Ministry of Commerce is preparing for the foreign guests:" The fourth participation in the Expo will, we will make a good hospitality with the greatest enthusiasm and the most rigorous attitude. "During the interview, the reporter took note of the back of the Ministry of Commerce to the party members of the party members, clamped a commitment book." Keep in mind the organization, keep in mind that the hard work is necessary, keep in mind to enter the party vows … "After entering the venue, the Temporary Party Committee will organize All members of the party members and cadres are committed to the implementation of their duties, and hung up the commitment book on the chest, encourage everyone to keep in mind the first identity of the Communist Party, firmly establish "a plate of chess" thinking, implement "each check, the standard zero gap , Various work requirements for various work zero errors, epidemic prevention and control zero infection.

From November 5th to 10th, the new "Into Story" is to be officially staged in the National Convention and Exhibition Center called "Four Lee".

During the invitation, the Ministry of Commerce disposal of the staff member will also organize all party groups to be affordable, due to time, due to the production of the law, to control the organizational life, guide party members and cadres to ensure the responsibility of defending the soil, defend the soil responsibility, defend the soil, and strive Go to a successful, winning event. (Our reporter Chen Yao) Source: China Discipline Inspection Supervision (Editor: Prince Front, Wang Weiyuan).