Remote rural labor competition chant sounded

Remote rural labor competition chant sounded

November Shannan Feixi County, Anhui Province town, fields of rice harvest has been finished. Scattered in the town of dozens of garment factory is rumbling sound machine. The workers are motivated, not only due to the factory orders and more, but also because they are simmering effort – to prepare for a showdown in the labor competition next year. Just last month, Shannan town held a garment sewing skills competition.

This is a total of only 30 players to participate in the skills competition, but in the hearts of the town workers, this competition is like a stone into still water, the ripples have been endless. Shannan town far away from the city of Hefei, the majority of the town surplus labor of migrant workers, middle-aged women to stay in the labor force with basic children to school-based.

According to Deputy Chairman Trade Union Confederation Shannan town Wushu Juan introduction, more than 10 people of the town have 26 garment enterprises, more than 500 surplus labor at home in front of the garment factory to work.

Although these garment enterprises generally smaller scale, but more and more garment processing industry workers gathered quickly become the object of trade unions unite and services. In September, the town of Shannan garment processing industry established a joint trade union. Held the first garment sewing skills competition, it is the first large-scale activities after the establishment of a joint trade union. After the contest registration notice issued to trade union work in micro-channel group, workers soon learned the news. Some very excited to try it; some hesitation, would like to participate but also worried about poor grades. For most workers, the labor competition is the first time I heard, they are eager to "taste fresh." Limit the number of matches to 30 people.

Soon, the quota was filled. Race day, the actual number of employees more than 30 people coming. Due to insufficient number of machines, the workers did not report the name as "guest" to watch the game on the side.

Good day Ya Garment Co., Ltd. is the largest town a garment processing enterprises, the location of the game is located in the company’s factory building.

The usual piles of clothing are temporarily empty, 30 sewing machines neatly. Game time from 9 am to 12:00, scoring the spot, the spot awards. "The title race is required to finish a school uniform, the fastest man will be done in about half an hour, the slowest took a half hour." Xu Chengrong is a good day Ya technical backbone, she is also the tournament one of three judges.

Zhang claimed to be the garment processing industry, "veteran."

Before married Shannan town, she has been many years in the field of garment industry workers. "I am engaged in garment processing for many years, and I want to try their skill level." Zhang said, the usual line of work, usually only see the slow deft hand, the thickness of work, we really compared, the gap on the show. During the game, some people put clothes pocket assembly was uneven, some clothes catcher is not the same width from top to bottom, there is a nervous person, the collar were installed backwards. Zhang won the second prize in this competition, she done faster and better.

Families with two children Zhang said that together make this award certificates and awards the child’s room, "I just want to let the child know, my mother at this age still working.

"Women Workers Zhouzheng Mei just remember that a lot of people finish than her first, her heart is very anxious, but the hands of the family, but he is not messy. She is not the fastest of the hand, but fortunately she win with quality and, ultimately, third prize. "than to know the gap between themselves, know how behind the effort. "Zhouzheng Mei said he had thought of good, but also to participate in the next game.

In addition to a certificate of honor, winners also gain a prize.

Before the game, no one knows there will be prizes, reason female workers are participating very pure, their requirements are very direct. "With or without prizes, please be sure to send a certificate.

"It seems in some female workers, the certificate bright red stands for honor, it is a prove their skill level." Xu President, next year we still do not do the game? "Chairman Xu Nan Road Town garment processing industry joint union-wide these days go on the road, always asked this question. This year, the Federation of Trade Unions at County counties as well as focus on promoting units towns (park), the establishment of three competition system, County to build the county Federation of Trade Unions and social Council organized about the counties as units and township (Park) concrete contractor working mode, building "with the linkage" mechanism on the organization of the competitions.

"The competition is very down to earth, the staff’s enthusiasm is high." Feixi County Federation of Trade Unions party secretary, vice chairman Liu Xianjun said, this is the way most people see the union of labor competition hope.

After the match, Zhang asked the organizing committee can not put "prize" on the certificate to "second place." Zhang said: "I want to give elementary school children to see, my mother make clothes skill level of the town is second.