Shanghai Changning: Selecting the Tree Community Governance Demonstration Point Interpretation Boutique City Soft Power

Shanghai Changning: Selecting the Tree Community Governance Demonstration Point Interpretation Boutique City Soft Power

Director of the Modern Community Development Research Center of the Party School of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, "Professor He Haibing" has been relying on the "Cohesive Engineering" construction in Changning District, in the inheritance, innovation in practice, to "understand people, care about people, condense people" For the main content, it is always rounded around the mechanism, organizational, team, space, technology, and regional linkage, comprehensive promotion, consultation, consultation, decision-making, evaluation, etc., further improved the world impact of Changning Force international boutique city soft strength.

  Mechanism empowerment, improve democratic consultation mechanism.

Adhere to the whole process of integrating the party’s work into democratic consultation and community construction, continuously carrying mechanisms, focus on top design, and improve democratic consultation mechanisms. For example, Hongqiao Street Changhong Residents District leads to the participation of community residents, and forms Changhong characteristics in practice to form Changhong characteristics, build a community participation in the whole process, community age, community creation and multi-body linkage integration network.

  Organizational empowerment and build a democratic participation platform. The construction of the social governance community highlights "everyone". Each social member has both responsibility and obligations, as well as the right to social governance, and build a democratic participation platform, promote the participation of the whole people.

For example, Jiangsu Road Street relying on "Street Party Construction Union", mobilizing residential district, residential unit, social organization, and covitalized shops, etc. Space is established, strengthens work synergy by integrating the strength of the town’s relevant functional departments.

  Team empowerment, cultivating democratic participation in the main body.

Continue to empower the grassroots mass team and promote the truthful utility of the whole process.

For example, Xinhua Street Huashan Huayuan residential area passed the community proposal mechanism, providing residents’ whole process democratic participation in community construction channels, enhancing residents participating in enthusiasm, achieving gorgeous transformation from "relying on community management" to "autonomous contribution".

  Space communication, building democratic participation carrier.

Actively explore the practice of the people’s democracy, the construction of the public space and the response between the people’s livelihood, and prompted the whole process democracy more focused.

For example, Zhoujiaqiao Street Sui Zhouqiao played a democratic spirit, system combing the needs of the people, with the whole process of the historical and cultural space construction, the Democracy, the Tianshan Road, the street spinning residential area, through the participatory community planning, let residents participate in the residents During the refinement of the specific planning of the community, the empowerment and enerform of the community is realized.