The overseas media is highly concerned about the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC: Thermal discussion history resolution focuses on China’s development

The overseas media is highly concerned about the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC: Thermal discussion history resolution focuses on China’s development

  Comprehensive news: The sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party was held in Beijing from November 8th to 11th, many overseas media discussions on the plenary session, and the new historical resolutions reviewed were highly concerned and reported. The plenary session has an extremely important milestone.

  Hot Discussion on the "Historical Resolution" Singapore "Joint Morning Post", Russian Lagnom Communications, etc., etc., from historic perspectives, reports in the plenary meeting and meeting through historical resolutions. "Joint Morning Post" invokes the expert’s point of view, the top two "historical resolutions" in the Chinese Communist Party have played a unified idea on important historical nodes, united, united, and the third historical resolution is also sent to the thickness. Receive the same effect. The Legomb News Agency believes that all meetings of the CPC Central Committee have repeatedly discussed the party’s most important issues in history and determines the party’s work and China’s development direction. This plenary is true. The Spanish "World News" will describe the resolution adopted by this Plenary as "historical", which is aimed at reviewing the development process of social governance in the past 100 years, paving the way for future leadership and policy directions.

The Russian "Message" report pointed out that the resolution is a great summary of the History of the Chinese Communist History. The US Cable News Network said that the resolution adopted has a "milestone".

  Concerned about the "Historical Time" British "Guardian", and the media such as "Moscow Communist Youth President" in Russia generally believes that the plenary meeting of positive values.

  According to the "Guardian", the resolution adopted by the Plenary is a 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and China’s development has also come to a vital moment. The Spanish China Policy Observer We believe that the new history resolution is the main sign of the results of this meeting, but also has become a new climax of the CPC Central Committee. The Russian "Moscow Communist Youth President" invokes the expert’s view that the CPC CPC has a fruitful result of the party, and is significant for the country.

Article comment says that even if there is an accident such as a new crown epidemic, the Chinese Communist Party as China’s "pillar", and its firmness is also enough to overcome everything. "Nanhua Morning Post" pointed out that the CCP is at a major historical closure of the resolution with midburns.

The report invoked the expert’s point of view, China’s success of China’s anti-new epidemic, let the Chinese are more confident that China has "rising", and convinced the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party.

  Focus on China’s "North Korea News", Germany "Business Daily", "National News", and the new historical resolution adopted, the new results obtained will be determined for China’s next development stage.

  "Dynasty News" invokes diplomats say that new historical resolutions are not only for past, but also affect the current and future ideas and directions of the CCP.

  The "Business Daily" invokes the expert’s point of view, "the new historical resolution aims to officially open a new stage of China’s Chinese characteristic socialist development."

The US "New York Times" believes that the resolution will shape the political and social in China.

  Spain’s "National News" said that China in the new era will continue to promote ambitious reform plan, which will help to combat corruption and realize the national economy self-improvement, create a more equal society.

The report also believes that after the resolution is released, China will enter the new stage of development. In addition, Associated Press commented that the release released after the Plenary Session was combed to successfully experienced the Successful experience of China’s second largest economy. The Russian "Business News", Russian Satellite News Agency also believes that one of the important results of the Plenary is to identify new development strategies, aimed to make China a self-sufficient "World Power Center" and continue to release the huge domestic market. potential. Editor in charge: Zhang Zeyue.